Changing Tires of Broken Down Cars

When you own a car and you frequently drive around, it is imperative to know what to do if something unexpected occurs, like having a flat tire. One of the basic car repairs that every driver should know is how to change flat tires. Having a busted tire is something that commonly occurs and it does not really take a genius to be able to fix it. As long as you have a spare tire and you know the basics, you will be able to easily solve this problem.

Changing car tires is just simple if you have all the necessary tools and equipments you need. Although it is an easy thing to do, there are some tips and safety precautions that you must keep in mind when changing tires.

First is to move your car on the safer side of the road before attempting to change the tires. Make sure that you can move freely and that oncoming cars will not hit you. Second important thing is to not forget to turn on your hazard light and turn off your engine. You should always have a triangular reflector so that you can put an early warning device if in case your car breaks down. You may put it 20 – 30 meters away from your car as a signal for oncoming motorists that there is a stalled vehicle ahead. It is also a good idea to open up your car’s hood even if you are just changing a flat tire because it implies that you are having a car repair.

After putting all the signage around your car, you also have to put a huge stone on your car’s tires before starting to change the tires so that you will avoid your car from rolling. You can now proceed to removing the spare tire. Before putting the jack on, you must loosen all the knots first. Then, put the car jack. Make sure that your jack is properly placed so that your car will not fall down. After which, take off the flat tire and put in the spare tire. To make sure that you have placed the spare tire correctly, look at the air valve and see if it is facing outward. Then tighten the knots and lower the car jack slowly.

With a little knowledge and a little sweat, you will be ready to roll again.

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