Automobile Tires

The advances in technology have given birth to various ultra high performance tires in recent times. The main essence behind the ultra high performance tires is to deliver a magnificent performance and high levels of traction in all seasons and conditions. Whether the road condition is wet, dry or filled with snow, ultra high performance tires work at optimum levels and perform in all conditions.


The high performance tires provide a highly impressive blending of performances for almost all the world’s fastest automobiles. The following are the features and benefits of using ultra performance tires.


Fastest: These tires can withstand high speeds and offer more safety and are thus, used in some of the fastest cars in the world.


Classic Cornering: These tires are best for straight-line performance as well as for the class-leading cornering and put huge amount of rubber on the road, which help specially at the time of maneuvers.


Good amount of Dry and Wet Performance: The high performance tires also score high in terms of providing dry and wet performance. These tires have optimized tread compounds and tread patterns, which in turn provide the highest blending of dry and wet performance on the road.


Good Grip technology: The tires footprint exerts a huge amount of force when the vehicle travels through a corner but as these tires contain a highly sophisticated grip technology; this increases the inside, contact area and provides enhanced traction while cornering.


Good Tread zone: The high performance tires have outer as well as inner tread zones, which provide good amount of grip and provide help in wet traction. They also have center rib, which enhances the speed-stability of the vehicle.


With so many features and attractive benefits, the ultra high performance tires are sure to lure automobile lovers specially those who are fond of driving their cars at the speed of lightning.

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